Xorix Media

What types of event coverage?


Highlight videos are designed to showcase the most compelling moments of an event. We capture everything from the speakers, to the audience, the venue, as well as the atmosphere and energy of the event. These videos are built to inspire those who attended, as well as tantalise those who missed out.


Give your audience and all those who couldn't attend an insight into the energy and impressions left of the big day. Testimonials are gathered during the event intermissions of either guests or speakers, to reinforce the message of the event and its exceptional delivery. These videos are great for combining with your highlight video or on its own for post-event sales.


For full minute-by-minute live recording, we have the teams, technology and creative experience to bring all events, big or small to life. Whether you need a live mix from our multi-camera set up to be fed back to the big screens on stage, or whether you need a live-stream to beam your event out to the world, we’ve got it covered.


The virtual world of social media is the community in which opinions are shared amongst the people. Give your guests and promoters something to share by turning your full length highlight videos and testimonials into social media - bite sized stings.